Saturday, October 09, 2004

64 medals for Iraq

Johannesburg, by Maithem Al Anbari

Obtaining 64 medals, Iraq's delegation to the 10th Pan-Arab Games in Algeria proved that it came to achieve something and not just for a symbolic participation.

The final list of the Arab teams showed that Iraq obtained 7th position after winning 12 gold, 19 silver and 33 bronze medals. According to the Pan-Arab statistics, this participation is considered the most fruitful for Iraq despite all the difficulties that this war-torn country is going through.

The list was topped by Egypt with 170 medals. Second position was for the host country Algeria with 229. Tunisia became third with 142, Syria took the fourth place with 83, Morocco came as fifth after winning 97; KSA achieved 54 medals (male participation)and obtained the sixth place.

Jordan, the host of the previous Pan-Arab Games grapped 8th position with 99 medals. The other teams were UAE with 19 medals, Yemen got 9 and Lybia had 10.

The Pan-Arab Game closing ceremony were on October 6th. The next tournament will be held in Lybia in 2008.